Tuesday, June 10, 2014

One of The Best Assets of America is Government Benefit Program

America has been given the nickname the “Land of Opportunities” by many people throughout the years. Individuals and families mostly migrate to the United States from other countries because they know life will be better with all these opportunities that can be given to them. This nation has definitely innovated many laws and rules that are much more lenient than in other countries, and lots of various benefits for citizens to get that other countries are privileged enough to obtain. Some of these benefits contain the government assisting programs, like Medicaid or food stamps.
Government benefit programs are one of the greatest assets to America. They help those unfortunate enough to not find open jobs in their area or not being hired for whatever the reason being. Not everyone has the luxury of being a doctor, surgeon, or lawyer. Most people can’t afford to go to college for several years.  The government also assists individuals who have been laid off from their jobs. Moreover, not having a job is all the more devastating when there is a family to support. Anyone with a job and a family to support knows how valuable their job is because of what that means for their family. Nevertheless, with the recent recession and thousands of budget cuts across the nation, many family members have been deeply troubled by how to make a way out of no way. These programs have been made to help those incapable of helping themselves. Although there are many reasons people are out of work, the government has decided to aid some of their finances enough to live because indeed, unfortunate things are constantly happening in peoples’ lives that are out of their control. This is a way for the government to make sure all of the citizens are taken care sufficiently without giving them a free way out in affluent checks.
However, I believe these various government benefit programs need to be improved. Individuals time and time again take advantage of the privileges that aren’t by any means obligated to them. I believe the government should do a deeper check within the system on the individuals who are getting these funds. A full background check should be completed to make sure the government help is legitimately needed, and not just someone with greedy fingers. The more efficient the background checks are, the more people who really need these benefits can acquire them. There are too many frauds out there just wanting to get free money from the government. For instance, countless of individuals lie about their income on food stamp applications by severely decreasing their salary amount. Now if the government did a full background check, they would know these people are lying, and could use the benefits for people who deserve it. Everyone knows money doesn’t grow on trees, so for people to take money from the government when it’s not actually needed is despicable.
Additionally, another way to improve the government benefit programs is to limit the amount of time individuals are permitted to have them. Limiting the time for the aids will motivate citizens further to strive to get a job and make a way for themselves. About five years is a decent time for someone to get back on their feet. In that time, people can go through their trials and tribulations, and then end up on top by finding a job able to support their needs. This will let people know that their time on government assistance is like an hourglass, and shall run out eventually. Giving individuals a time limit is giving people with government benefit programs a little extra push to have perseverance no matter what. After all, consistency is key. The government should help the citizens in need, but definitely should not be used as a house mat being walked on! I strongly believe this idea is a perfect medium between the government and its people.

Is IT Government Utility Assistance Important?

Like many seniors across the nation, my main challenge right now is finding a way to pay for my college expenses. I currently live with a single parent who does not make enough to support me financially to go to college. I am not employed and have no money to pay for the studies I plan to pursue in college by myself. My other parent has been battling with unemployment for a few years, although currently employed, he makes minimum wage. My other family members have financial hardships which causes them not to be able to assist me with my pursuits for a higher education.

The government offers so many beneficial financial assistance programs to students who have a passion to further their education. A great example of that would be the Federal Student Aid Program. This program is beneficial because it was created to assist students with paying for their college expenses and to provide better financial options for students to pay for their college expenses. However, many times there are students who take advantage of the financial assistance programs such as this one, and don’t use the financial aid they are given on their college expenses like they are suppose to.

I feel like this is something that we need to work on to enhance the function of this program. For example, take a student like me who is passionate about attending a post secondary institution however, cannot afford the expensive cost of attendance at her “first choice school”, but does not receive enough financial aid to assist her in her pursuits. I feel that if a student is given financial aid from the government it should only be used for their education. There are many individuals and families who experience hunger every day. The government has created programs like the SNAP(Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) to assist individuals and families who cannot afford to purchase nutritional foods with their income.

I really like this program because it not only assists the low income individuals and families who suffer from hunger but they also provide healthier nutritional food choices to those individuals and families which is very beneficial. However, I also feel that there individuals and families that take advantage of this program and other government programs such as Food Stamps. Many individuals feel that they shouldn’t have to go out and pursue a career because they can just survive off of the federal governments’ aid. I feel that in order for this program to excel in a better way, only the individuals and families who truly need this type of aid from the federal government due to illnesses or being handicapped or other types of things that may prevent someone from going out and getting a job should only receive this aid and assistance. With that being said, there are still many things I feel that the federal government needs to work on like creating programs to help individuals go out and pursue a degree and a career to create better options for themselves and most importantly become financially stable so that the individuals and families who cannot do those things can receive the aid from the federal government.

Free Government Food Stamp and Homeless Assistance

In our current society, the gap between high and low income families continues to grow farther and farther apart.  There are only so many jobs a man or woman in a low-income household can work in order to support themselves and their families, so naturally, they must utilize every possible resource within their reach in order to support themselves and their families. Programs like Food Stamps, Medicaid, Welfare, and unemployment benefits are all extremely necessary and crucial for many families that have financial difficulties. 
Government aid programs are crucial because they give a single mother the chance to provide for her children after her husband leaves.  They give the man who is laid off after 20 years of hard work at his factory job an opportunity to have some income until he can find another place of employment.  These programs, which provide families with a means of staying afloat during times of financial instability, allow them to continue providing for their households until they can obtain the means to do so without government aid… in most cases.
    These government programs have flaws that are very often manipulated and taken advantage of by the recipients of the aid that is provided.  For example, many drug users take advantage of the government’s money just to spend their unemployment funds on illegal substances and use their food stamps to feed themselves. In reality, the purpose of the government’s money being granted to them is to help them get back on their feet after a period of financial hardship.  For this reason, drug testing should be made mandatory in order to be sure that the government’s money is being put use for its true purpose and not for the purpose of supporting drug dealers and those who commit illegal acts. 
A second change that could be made is to the unemployment benefit program.  Instead of simply giving money to people that are unemployed, there should be more work done to promote finding a job when one loses their job or is laid off.  With a national debt of eighteen trillion dollars and climbing, the least the government should do is to promote the recipients of their own money to find work and earn their living rather than riding on the government’s aid.  In addition, the Welfare program should do the same for the people who utilize their welfare checks to support their children when they are having children out of wedlock.  This is not to say that this issue is primarily associated with finding a job as it is having kids without being in a married or entirely committed relationship between two partners.  An additional option would be to reform child support in order to make it easier for single parents or guardians to support their children without having to receive as much money from the government.  Reforming child support will not solve the issue, but it may aid in part of not only reforming government aid programs, but also to start slowing the increasing amount of debt that our country has accumulated, partially as a result of the number of people who receive government aid.
There is no debating that these government aid programs are extremely important to many families in our country: 49% of families, in fact, receive government, aid according to CNS News.  If almost half of the United States are receiving government aid, then there needs to be that much more enough effort from the government to reduce their dependency on the government and increase their independence in the name of their family’s sake.  It can only be a matter of time before there is no more money to hand out to these families; therefore, efforts need to be set on promoting people finding work, adjusting welfare in order to give money to the children and not their parents, and giving food stamps, or aid in general, to people who are substance-free and are not spending their money on illegal activities.