Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Is IT Government Utility Assistance Important?

Like many seniors across the nation, my main challenge right now is finding a way to pay for my college expenses. I currently live with a single parent who does not make enough to support me financially to go to college. I am not employed and have no money to pay for the studies I plan to pursue in college by myself. My other parent has been battling with unemployment for a few years, although currently employed, he makes minimum wage. My other family members have financial hardships which causes them not to be able to assist me with my pursuits for a higher education.

The government offers so many beneficial financial assistance programs to students who have a passion to further their education. A great example of that would be the Federal Student Aid Program. This program is beneficial because it was created to assist students with paying for their college expenses and to provide better financial options for students to pay for their college expenses. However, many times there are students who take advantage of the financial assistance programs such as this one, and don’t use the financial aid they are given on their college expenses like they are suppose to.

I feel like this is something that we need to work on to enhance the function of this program. For example, take a student like me who is passionate about attending a post secondary institution however, cannot afford the expensive cost of attendance at her “first choice school”, but does not receive enough financial aid to assist her in her pursuits. I feel that if a student is given financial aid from the government it should only be used for their education. There are many individuals and families who experience hunger every day. The government has created programs like the SNAP(Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) to assist individuals and families who cannot afford to purchase nutritional foods with their income.

I really like this program because it not only assists the low income individuals and families who suffer from hunger but they also provide healthier nutritional food choices to those individuals and families which is very beneficial. However, I also feel that there individuals and families that take advantage of this program and other government programs such as Food Stamps. Many individuals feel that they shouldn’t have to go out and pursue a career because they can just survive off of the federal governments’ aid. I feel that in order for this program to excel in a better way, only the individuals and families who truly need this type of aid from the federal government due to illnesses or being handicapped or other types of things that may prevent someone from going out and getting a job should only receive this aid and assistance. With that being said, there are still many things I feel that the federal government needs to work on like creating programs to help individuals go out and pursue a degree and a career to create better options for themselves and most importantly become financially stable so that the individuals and families who cannot do those things can receive the aid from the federal government.

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