Tuesday, June 10, 2014

One of The Best Assets of America is Government Benefit Program

America has been given the nickname the “Land of Opportunities” by many people throughout the years. Individuals and families mostly migrate to the United States from other countries because they know life will be better with all these opportunities that can be given to them. This nation has definitely innovated many laws and rules that are much more lenient than in other countries, and lots of various benefits for citizens to get that other countries are privileged enough to obtain. Some of these benefits contain the government assisting programs, like Medicaid or food stamps.
Government benefit programs are one of the greatest assets to America. They help those unfortunate enough to not find open jobs in their area or not being hired for whatever the reason being. Not everyone has the luxury of being a doctor, surgeon, or lawyer. Most people can’t afford to go to college for several years.  The government also assists individuals who have been laid off from their jobs. Moreover, not having a job is all the more devastating when there is a family to support. Anyone with a job and a family to support knows how valuable their job is because of what that means for their family. Nevertheless, with the recent recession and thousands of budget cuts across the nation, many family members have been deeply troubled by how to make a way out of no way. These programs have been made to help those incapable of helping themselves. Although there are many reasons people are out of work, the government has decided to aid some of their finances enough to live because indeed, unfortunate things are constantly happening in peoples’ lives that are out of their control. This is a way for the government to make sure all of the citizens are taken care sufficiently without giving them a free way out in affluent checks.
However, I believe these various government benefit programs need to be improved. Individuals time and time again take advantage of the privileges that aren’t by any means obligated to them. I believe the government should do a deeper check within the system on the individuals who are getting these funds. A full background check should be completed to make sure the government help is legitimately needed, and not just someone with greedy fingers. The more efficient the background checks are, the more people who really need these benefits can acquire them. There are too many frauds out there just wanting to get free money from the government. For instance, countless of individuals lie about their income on food stamp applications by severely decreasing their salary amount. Now if the government did a full background check, they would know these people are lying, and could use the benefits for people who deserve it. Everyone knows money doesn’t grow on trees, so for people to take money from the government when it’s not actually needed is despicable.
Additionally, another way to improve the government benefit programs is to limit the amount of time individuals are permitted to have them. Limiting the time for the aids will motivate citizens further to strive to get a job and make a way for themselves. About five years is a decent time for someone to get back on their feet. In that time, people can go through their trials and tribulations, and then end up on top by finding a job able to support their needs. This will let people know that their time on government assistance is like an hourglass, and shall run out eventually. Giving individuals a time limit is giving people with government benefit programs a little extra push to have perseverance no matter what. After all, consistency is key. The government should help the citizens in need, but definitely should not be used as a house mat being walked on! I strongly believe this idea is a perfect medium between the government and its people.

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